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Andreas antonopoulos how bitcoin is changing

andreas antonopoulos how bitcoin is changing

get attacked from the outside, everyone will circle the wagons and everyone will be friends again. To play on these dualities youve been talking about: Its fighting a two-front war, in some regards. Every form you can imagine: nationally backed, private-backed, government-issued, privately issued. You know, the majority of gold traded on the market today isnt actual gold its certificates.

Its not just a payment network. Ten years has invited room for undeniable change. One more thing: I think we overestimate how much interest governments have in any of this.

andreas antonopoulos how bitcoin is changing

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While often referring to the scourge of the banks in his lectures, his explanation of Bitcoin for mums made no reference to bankers greed, government money-printing monopolies or decentralized cryptocurrencys ethical implications. And did you come to the conclusion that its bitcoin? Trying to embrace, extend and diverge derail even this industry by hijacking. In the following interview with, bitcoin Magazine, Antonopoulos reflects on the metamorphosis the ecosystem has undergone, the lessons learned from these myriad changes and why, after 10 years of challenge, the ethos of Bitcoin itself has doggedly persisted. In a recent talk, you say the idea of a personal bank looks ridiculous right now (in hindsight) because of gaps in user experience, usability and technical gaps. The distributed ledger technology, private blockchain, bank-chain, business-as-usual, slap a word on it, pretend its decentralized when its not type of ecosystem. If you want early-access to talks and a chance to participate in the monthly live Q As with Andreas, become a patron: m/aantonop. This is a direct participation system. Continuing on to discuss the limited technological readiness of cryptocurrencies in terms of user interface and other aspects, Antonopoulos response was notable for its lack of political content. That means theyre creations of the late 18th and 19th centuries. The other thing that changed was that one of the things that attracts people to this space is the fact that it gives them the feeling of belonging to this kind of adventure that goes against the grain, that is outside the mainstream, that.

Because what youre talking about is centralized custodian holders who give you a fraction of the rights that having your own keys gives you. I look at it in a very simple way: Most of the institutions we have for governance today are fundamentally creations of the industrialized era, the industrial revolution. Antonopoulos, who has dedicated the majority of his time to changing that status quo, thus had his work cut out. Im not questioning their authority; they have all the authority in the world.

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