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Forex tehories

forex tehories

in the production. It is the necessary criterion for an upward tendency. His recorded US Steel trades up to around 1930, its very clear that price action was the key component he used in trades he personally took. Dont expect an easy read If you want historical data for the markets he traded at the time so you can reverse-engineer his trades, youll probably have to trawl through newspaper archives to extract it - Im not aware of anyone ever compiling that data. On top of the patterns and the trading theories listed here, technical traders use indicators and oscillators.

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Candlesticks (Fig.3) 2 and 3 give more detailed information such as the open, close, low and high over a specific time frame. Conversely, when exports exceed imports, a surplus exists and the currency will normally ascend in value. Economic cycles, economic cycles are regularly repetitive periods in the development of a market economy. In statistical terms, charts are referred to as time series plots. As a result of contracting market, decline is usually characterized by growing unemployment. This is due to the fact that risk ceases to exist, therefore thwarting much hope for any monetary gain via investing. Expansion, after reaching the lowest point of the cycle there is a phase of recovery, which is characterized by the growth of employment and production.