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Litecoin prognose 2018

litecoin prognose 2018

about your favorite coin. But for now, let me put my cards on the table. Iyer, IFC Published : February 1, 2018. For example, Litecoin survived the implementation of SegWit (Bitcoin hasntat least not yet). That is a big advantage. Although it is currently facing the same lull as the rest of the industry, it will re-enter the next bullish cycle with a definitive roadmap for scaling.

Related Articles : What Is Litecoin? We know that its possible for crypto values to make significant moves in a relatively short time frame, so dont judge Litecoin prices on where they are today. Is Litecoin a Good Investment? According to the Coinmarketcap, Litecoin has the 6th position, which means in top 10 currencies. Were a long way from a winner-takes-all fight in the cryptocurrency market. A successful few will hang. Heres the difference, though. We could start to see developers and investors switch from Bitcoin to Litecoin, thus creating a rotation of resources to drive LTC prices higher. Both currencies spiked in late 2013 before crashing viciously.